Episode 189
This week we go to Project Precious Rescue where we feature Herc and Ash! Look at how sweet these two are! Herc and Ash are both ready to find their forever homes- let's get these cuties some shares

Hercules is about 4 years old. He's quite athletic but doesn't mind being a couch potato with you. Loves people, but no small children for this boy. Gets along with other dogs; has not been cat tested.

Ash is a little under 1. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which is regulated with insulin injections twice a day and a consistent eating pattern. This guy will be your shadow- loving and sweet as pie. Loves all people and other pups; has not been cat tested.

If your interested in Herc or Ash please e-mail projectpreciousrescue@gmail.com. or visit www.pprct.org.



Episode 188

This week we go to The Animal Haven where we feature Taz!! Taz is a six year old boxer pit mix who was saved from a high kill shelter. He loves to take walks, hikes and loves to swim. He will win you over with his amazing big eyes as he sits calmly in his kennel waiting for the perfect home. He would be great in a house with no cats. He is selective with other dogs and would be good with older children because he sometimes gets overly excited with his toys and needs minor training with his obsession with tennis balls. He walks well with a leash and deserves a family of his own. He has been at the shelter for long enough and would be such a great companion. If you are interested in adopting Taz please visit www.theanimalhaven.com or e-mail: theanimalhavenstaff@gmail.com


Episode 186
This week we go to Dog Star Rescue where we feature Cesera. Cesara is an approximately 47 lbs, adult, possible Chocolate Lab/Terrier Mix- but truly an adorable Heinz-57- a little bit of everything mixed breed . Her coat is a beautiful red and white, with the most adorable little white paws that look like mittens. Cesara is truly as sweet as they come. She is an exceptional girl who just loves to be hugged and cuddled, and she has so much love to give in return!
She is a fantastic dog with a wonderful personality- she is very happy and confident, and she has a medium to high energy level. If you are looking for a running partner, Cesara is your girl! She is the type of pup who loves plenty of activity, and loves to have fun. Although she is an adult, her personality and energy level tends to resemble that of a puppy at times. Plenty of playtime would make this girl especially happy! Cesara is selective and particular when it comes to her doggie friends, but would much rather be your one and only furbaby. While in foster care, she lived around older children and did very well with them however she is not good with cats.  Cesara is crate trained and house trained, though it is important to understand that sometimes dogs regress with house training as they adjust to a new home. She is super easy to train and already understands the cues of  “sit " and "stay”.  Cesara walks beautifully on a leash- she loves to trot and prance and she takes in the world around her.  Cesara is the type of girl that once you spend time with her, you just can’t help but to fall in love with her. And it becomes very clear that she has such an appreciation for a better life and for the humans who care for her. For more information on Cesera go to www.dogstarrescue.org or e-mail contactus@dogstarrescue.org.

Episode 185

This week we go to Big Hair Animal Rescue where we feature Jake! A former stray from Philly. Jake is a 3 year old, dog friendly black lab who loves being outside, especially playing in the yard with his friends. Jake has done well at dog parks and has gained much weight and confidence while in our care. Jake would do best with a savvy owner (preferably male) who will give him the guidance and direction he craves. Jake is roughly 70 lbs, neutered, vaccinated, crate trained knows basic obedience and looking for a home for the holidays! If you are interested in Jake please submit an adoption application found on our website bighairanimalrescue.com

Episode 184
This week we go to the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter where we feature Ruby!!  She is such a sweet lab/hound mix. Ruby is about 2-3 years old and she loves boy dogs! She plays and runs and rough houses with them! She is such a hoot! She loves kids too! She would like to go to an active family that will just oohhh and ahhh over her all the time! She is spayed, heartworm negative, microchipped and up to date.If you are interested in Ruby please call 203-315-4125, or visit branfordanimalshelter.org



Episode 183

This week we go to Saving Paws Rescue where we feature Wrigley! Wrigley is a male, Boxer mix, who is about a year old. He came to us as a stray and no one has come in to claim him. He is extremely sweet and loving! Wrigley loves people and he is good with other dogs. He is very playful and I believe he would make a great family dog!! For more information on Wrigley please e-mail adopt@savingpawsct.org or visit www.savingpawsct.org



Episode 182

This week we go to The Animal Haven where we feature Boomer! Meet Boomer a 4 year old American Bulldog who was in unimaginable conditions and brought to us underweight and in bad shape! He is now safe at The Animal Haven. He is good with other dogs all kids and is a sweetheart. He loves to take walks and hikes and loves to give kisses!  He will be neutered and is up to date on all his shots!For more information on Boomer go to: www.theanimalhaven.com or call 203.239.2641





Episode 181

This week we go to Dog Star Rescue where we feature Rod Stewart!

No autographs, please! It's hard being a rock star, but Rod Stewart makes it look effortless (and without that rock star attitude!). He is an adult brown Cocker Spaniel weighing around 35 lbs. He is a super friendly, sweet, lovable guy who needs nothing more than a loving forever family to spend the rest of his days with. Sure his rocker fur could use a little coiffing, but one trip to the groomer and this guy will be stage ready once again. Rod Stewart is just about house trained and crate trained but keep in mind that any dog may have an accident or two as they settle into their new homes. He walks well on a leash so feel free to take him on a world tour...or maybe just a neighborhood tour. We are unsure how Rod Stewart would do in a home with cats, children or other dogs as we have not had the opportunity to see him interact with them. This sweet boy deserves a lifetime of love and snuggles, are you the forever family that could give him just that? Are you ready to become this rock stars #1 fan? Interested in adopting Rod Stewart? To get the ball rolling head over to www.dogstarrescue.org and submit your application today. A Dog Star representative will contact you within 24 hours. If you do not hear back within 24 hours, please check your spam folder. To help speed up the process, please call your vet and give them permission to speak with us.


Episode 180
This week we go to The Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter where we feature Bruno! This is Bruno. He is about 3 years old and we think he is a pit/American bulldog mix. Bruno loves attention, doesn't mind playing dress up and can even balance bones on his nose ;) ! Bruno has done well with girl dogs in play groups and may do well with boy dogs too. He has also liked the children he has met . Bruno is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, micro chipped, heartworm negative and has had a wellness check up......................now all he needs is a forever home for the holidays!! For more information on Bruno please visit www.branfordanimalshelter.org or call 203-315-4125.

Episode 179

This week we go to Project Precious Rescue where we feature Sadie! Sadie is a 9-10 year old spayed female beagle mix who came to PPR with her housemates Sugar and Ebenezer, when their owner became too ill to care for them. She is a spunky, fun loving, attention loving, food loving girl who is always ready to party. Though, she definitely needs some work to help her stop continuously hoover-vacuuming the floor for scraps. Like any good beagle, her nose sometimes gets her, and her waistline, in trouble! Sadie has been great with other dogs once she has a moment to meet them, and she is clicker trained for tricks! A very food motivated lady. Sadie would be great in a home that will help slim her down a bit while giving her all the pets and belly rubs she desiresIf your interested in Sadie please e-mail projectpreciousrescue@gmail.com. or visit www.pprct.org.


Episode 178

Teddy is an 8 year old poodle who was surrendered to us because they stated they just didn't want him anymore. When he came to us he was losing his hair and was excessively drinking! We brought him to the  vet and Teddy was diagnosed with Cushions disease. After some bloodwork and a pill a day Teddy acts like a puppy! He loves everyone and is one of the sweetest dogs that has ever been at the shelter! He is good with all children, dogs and cats! Please consider adopting this wonderful baby! Monthly medication is all that is required and a pill daily he takes with no issue. Please come visit him at The Animal Haven at 89 Mill Road North Haven Ct. Or visit us at www.theanimalhaven.com



Episode 177

This week we go to Hopalong Hollow Rabbit Rescue in Norwalk where we feature Beans! He is a Lionhead, and he's about two years old. He was surrendered to us about a year ago when his owner was departing for college and could no longer house him/afford his care.  He's young and therefore still a little bit feisty, I would do better in a home without small children, but living with owners who are able to give him a lot of exercise and playtime.

Please visit www.hopalonghollow.org or email hopalonghollow@aol.com



Episode 176

How in the world can handsome hunk 3 yr old Prince still be waiting for a family to find him?! This guy is a gentle giant - friendly with all people he meets. He would do best in a home as an only pet, but does get along with other submissive dogs. Prince is around 80 lbs and pure white in color - he's a real stunner! He is medium energy level, and loves to snuggle. He also has perfect house manners. If your interested in Prince please e-mail projectpreciousrescue@gmail.com. or visit www.pprct.org.




Episode 175

Sandy is a 3 year old beautiful put mix who was rescued from Texas in a horrific scene. She was tied up with her daughter in extreme heat to a garage with limited room to move and sometimes withheld food and water. When I saw this video I couldn't resist their wagging tales so a couple weeks later  they were transported to us. Sandy does not have a mean bone in her body. She is so sweet with no food aggression.  She is great with kids and people. However she can get a little dominant toward other dogs and needs a home with no cats. Please come visit her at The Animal Haven at 89 Mill Road North Haven Ct. Or visit us at www.theanimalhaven.com

Episode 173

This week we go to Hopalong Hollow Rabbit Rescue in Norwalk where we feature Slick Rick! Meet Ricky (aka Slick Rick). Brother of Mick (aka Mick Jagger), Ricky has a similarly tough early life in the hands of a backyard breeder. Gentle and sweet, Ricky is still a little frightened. We here at the shelter are noticing more an more interest on his part in developing a relationship - he just needs the right person to give him the stability and love that will allow him to truly unfold his personality. Will you be the one to give him that love and attention? If you are, he'll reward you with a lifetime of affection and loyalty.

All bunnies will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption unless they are too young to have the surgery. You will be asked to sign a promise to spay/neuter when adopting a baby.

Please visit www.hopalonghollow.org or email hopalonghollow@aol.com



Episode 172

So, meet PPR's newest boy - TANK!!! This 85 lb pup is a shelter volunteer favorite and we are so happy to be able to give him a second chance! Tank will be at our vet for a little while recovering from kennel cough and then getting neutered, but will ready for a home shortly after. They say that Tank is 2 yrs old, excellent with kids and good with other dogs. He's trained to sit, give paw and lay down, and he is housebroken. If anyone is interested in fostering this gorgeous hunk, contact projectpreciousrescue@gmail.com.


Episode 171

This week we go to Big Hair Animal Rescue where we feature Macho!

Macho is a Chow mix estimated to be between the age of 6-8 years old. Prior to coming to us he was a junk yard dog where he spend all of his days chained to a dog house. Macho is sweet, affectionate, dog friendly, spunky, playful, goofy, and waiting for his forever home! Macho is vaccinated and neutered. He is currently being fostered in Rhode Island, if you are interested in meeting him please fill out an application at www.bighairanimalrescue.com!


Episdoe 170

This week we go to The Animal Haven where we feature Truly! Truly is a 3 year old American bull dog Pit mix. She is an absolute love and is amazing that she is still at our shelter! She does not have one aggressive bone in her body! She was saved by The Animal Haven from a high kill shelter in New York and was minutes away from being euthanized. When she was transported to us she hopped out of the car wagging her tail and giving everyone kisses!! Truly is fantastic with people but would prefer to be the only dog in the household! She would be great for a family with kids. She does love to give kisses and loves attention. She is a fantastic companion! www.theanimalhaven.com Please come to visit her and fill out an application at
The Animal Haven
89 Mill Road
North Haven Ct


Episode 169

Thie week we head to Project Precious Rescue where we feature Luna! Luna is a 1 year old terrier/chi mix who came to us when her owners could no longer care for her. She lived in a home with kids, another small dog, and cats. An introduction to new family members (furry and human alike) are a must! She would likely do best in an experienced small dog home with kids over 7 as she does tend to have some of the sassy small dog tendencies when she is nervous. When she is comfortable, she is silly and super loving! Go to www.pprct.org to fill out an application!




Episode 168

This week we head to The Animal Haven where we feature Bella! Bella is a 3 year old beagle who was rescued in New Haven pregnant.  Bella is an amazing dog! She had 7 puppies who all found homes and now she is waiting for her forever home. She was a fantastic momma and is sweet with everyone! She is good with kids and loves to cuddle. Bella is fine with cats and ok with some dogs. She is absolutely adorable and would be a great companion. Please come to visit her and fill out an application at
The Animal Haven
89 Mill Road
North Haven Ct


Episode 167

This week we go to Wings of Freedom Animal Rescue where we feature Maeve! Maeve is a spayed American Bull Dog / Labrador Retriever mix. Her true sweetness radiates from her eyes and body as you approach her. She longs to be loved. She gets so excited to see her people but she does a very good sit even though she'd love to jump. She's doing very well as long as she's kept on a schedule. She is crate trained. Right now we would say she needs to be the only dog. She is good with children but it depends on dog savviness of the children. If you are interested in adopting Maeve please go to www.wingsoffreedomanimalrescue.org or email WOFARinc@gmail.com.

Episode 166

This week we go to Bandit's Place where we feature Sophie & Murray - Adopted together back in 2007, this brother & sister combo has been a source of amusement to their family for years. They were returned, though, because of a serious health issue in the family. A very sad situation as these two are very loved. Born 11-21-06, these two will turn 10 this year but don't let that fool you - they've got spunk and personality plus!!! Please email for an application - BanditsPlace1@gmail.com or for more information please visit: www.banditsplace.org/home



Episode 165

This week we go to Where The Love Is Animal Rescue where we feature Phantom! Phantom is a 1.5 years old Hound mix   He was abandoned at a vet office by his owners.   He was there for an overnight treatment for a skin infection.     When the vet call they never returned their calls and they even went to the house and it looked like the people moved away and left phantom behind. Great with other dogs and very playful  Great with kids too. A little too curious about cats to live with one. For more information on Phantom pleas go to www.wheretheloveis.org

Episode 164

This week we go to Wings of Freedom Animal Rescue where we feature Jovie! ovie is a survivor - a parvo survivor that is. She spent a few weeks at our vet and is now ready for her forever home!

She is about 9 months old and just a wonderful girl. She loves to play and also is loves to cuddle. She is great with other dogs and kids. She loves to sit with her foster family on the couch. She loves to be walked and loves to play in the yard with her toys.

Jovie is crate trained, spayed, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations. For more information of Jovie please go to www.wingsoffreedomanimalrescue.org or call 860.912.2298.


Episode 163

This week we go to Project Precious Rescue where we feature Delaney! Delaney's babies have all been adopted for a while now, and she is so sad to be without them. This sweet girl is simply amazing. Poor Delaney doesn't understand why her babies have all gone but she hasn't found her forever family yet! She would do better with older children. She needs a strong handler as she is a strong compact gal who needs a bit more work with leash walking. She would be happiest being the only pet, she loves extra attention! Please consider adopting Delaney. If you are interested in adopting Delany please visit pprct.org.

Episode 162

This week we head to Dog Star Rescue where we feature Sully!  Get ready to meet the sweetest, most happy go lucky boy- this Sully, and he is quite simply a wonderful dog. He brings so much love with him wherever he goes. Sully is approximately 3 years old, 65 lbs, and with his gorgeous grey coat, looks to be a Retriever/Weimaraner mix, though he is truly a “Heinz 57” with a wonderful mix of sweetness, fun and affection. 
A very nice and gentle boy, Sully is also quite confident and well adjusted. He has a low to medium energy level, so he can keep up with all of the fun, and is then happy to take a rest as well. A happy go lucky boy, Sully very much has the personality of a retriever- he is very sweet, smart, playful, and affectionate- in fact, he will lean right into you as you pet him, just soaking in the attention. He is an absolute joy to have around, and is just an easy going guy. Sully understands the command of “sit”, is already crate trained and does a fantastic job walking on the leash- he would love to be your walking companion. He currently is house trained, though it is important to understand that sometimes dogs have an accident or two as they adjust to their new home. This fantastic and gorgeous boy is ready for his forever home, where he will get all of the love and attention that he so deserves- he would love to meet you and show you what a great boy he is! Interested in learning more about Dog Star Rescue and our adoption process? Please go to www.dogstarrescue.org. Interested in applying to adopt Sully? Please email us at adopt@dogstarrescue.org or go to our website to complete an online application.

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